Why midwives should be celebrated


Our whole experience with midwives from pregnancy to our baby’s arrival has been wonderful.

During the pregnancy our midwife was reassuring and patient and would let me listen to the baby’s heart beat whenever I needed to make sure everything was ok in there.

One of the greatest joys in the early months was thanks to her suggestion, as she pressed her monitor into my belly and explained what we were hearing she said why don’t you record this on your phone.

It was one of the most miraculous sounds and made me cry, she let me know it was a good, strong heart beat and all was well. My husband was away at the time and I was able to send it to him, and I know he shed a tear or two as well.

She was the one my husband called when my waters broke and calmly told him to take me to the hospital and the baby was on the way.

From the moment we arrived at the Maternity Ward we were treated with the kindest and best of care.

Over the next couple of days through the birth and short stay in hospital, I met the most incredible women.

All had special stories, some had had worked in remote locations around Australia, some had worked overseas and some had dedicated their lives to the Mums and Bubs of the New England North West.

And I loved hearing their stories, funny moments and great distractions from a long labour, and some tender reflections of how much these women love the mothers and babies in their care.


There was hand holding and support, but there was also critical decision making when things were not going so well.

And they were there for me; I knew I was safe and I knew they were checking on Bub.

I don’t know if I’ll ever have the words to express my gratitude to these wonderful women, but I will be forever grateful.

On International Midwives Day, I just wanted to celebrate the incredible midwives in our community and say THANK YOU!


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