the beginning

sunriseIn radio you learn to tell a story in 40 seconds, then social media comes along and you learn to tell a story in 140 characters.

For so many years I’ve been condensing stories, journeys and emotions, I’d now like to try turning my hand to writing for a little longer.

So I thought I could use just a little space to look a bit deeper, peer in behind the scenes and share some of the things that seem to end up being forgotten.

From news, to sport, people who are just amazing and whatever else comes my way, I’m excited about the chance to explore words again.

Often under pressure to pump out around 500 words, smash out the newsworthy quotes and get the story online, I wonder what is left behind? What is forgotten? What is overlooked? So maybe I can spend some time exploring the forgotten space and finding some of the lost yarns.

From the space I’m currently spending time in around the New England and North West of New South Wales to my home town of Sydney and to wherever the journey takes us.

Reflecting on extraordinary people leading change, those who pursue their passion like an art form, some of the unusual things people say and do and even inside peculiar conversations; I think we’ll find plenty of paragraphs.

So it’s just a beginning and who knows where it will go, I just hope my little laptop and country internet connection are up for it!

(the photo is a sunrise over Walcha taken by Alastair Rayner)


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